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Monday, December 11, 2023

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  • Location:  Webster Police Department Community Room, 357 Main Street
  • Time: 5:30 p.m.



1. Call to Order and Announcements

2.  Public Meeting 2A:  6 Bates Crossing - Michael Stelmach (Applicant/Owner) - New patio at existing beach area. (Continued from 11/6/23)

2.  Public Meeting 2B: 4 Fairfield Street - Vincent Kubic (Owner/Applicant) - Installation of a seasonal dock. (Continued from 11/6/23)

2. Public Meeting 2C: 3 Bates Grove Road - Sheila Dintaman (Applicant/Owner) - Finish repairing stairs/walkway.

2. Public Meeting 2D: 50 Cudworth Road - Premier Seal Coating & Line Striping (Applicant) - Single-story building, driveway, parking & Utilities.

3. Public Hearing 3A: 46 West Point Road - DEP #323-1244 - Jason Tubo (Applicant) - Repair of existing retaining wall.  (Continued from 11/6/23)

3. Public Hearing 3B: 300 Thompson Road (also known as 0 Thompson Road) - Three Hundred LLC (Applicant) Construction/Expansion of a commercial parking facility (Continued from 8/30/23).

4. Old Business 4A: Enforcement Order - 90B Sutton Road - Jack Courville (Owner) - Filled in wetlands area. (Continued from 11/6/23).

4. Old Business 4B: Violation - DEP#323-1197 - 0 Goddard Street, Lots 1 and 2 (also known as 25A and 25B Goddard Street) - Elijah Ketola (Applicant) - Construction of two single-family houses. (Continued from 11/6/23)

4. Old Business 4C: Request for an Extension of an Enforcement Order - DEP#323-1194 - 67 Colonial Road; David Arnold (Owner). (Continued from 11/6/23).

5. Action Item 5A: Request for Certificate of Compliance – DEP#323-1164 – 6 Black Point Road - Michael Hopkins (Applicant); Construction of a single family house (Continued from 11/6/23).

5. Action Item 5B: 130 Gore Road - DEP#323-1189 Milne Law PC, Trustee (Applicant) - Vote to issue an amended Order of Conditions.

5. Action Item 5C: Review and Approve letter to Mr. Arnold, 67 Colonial Road - DEP#323-1194.

5. Action Item 5D: Request for Certificate of Compliance - DEP#323-1031 - 114 Point Breeze Road - WEF Properties (Applicant); Repair and restore existing retaining wall along lake front, install additional stairs and walkway behind the restaurant and landscaping.

6. Draft Meeting Minutes and Documents:  November 6, 2023.

7. Staff Report

8. Next Meeting Date - December 18, 2023 - Auditorium

9. Adjournment