Request for Determination of Applicability (RDA) Process

Submit Application (See Instructions below)

Site visit

  • Your site will be reviewed before the Public Meeting. Please make sure that:
    • Corners of any proposed buildings should be staked
    • Trees to be removed should be flagged
  • At the Chairman’s discretion many RDA site visits are done by the Agent.   The Agent will stop by some time during the week when they have a chance. 
  • Site Visits done by the Commission are typically scheduled on the Saturday morning prior to the public hearing and are attended by members of the Commission. You will be notified if there will be a Saturday site visit.  It is difficult for Commission members to predict how long a site visit may take so they cannot always follow the scheduled times.  

Public Meeting

  • At the public meeting, the Conservation Commission will determine how the project will affect the resource area(s). They may ask questions about your project.   A hearing may be continued to another date if additional information is needed.  
  • The Commission will issue a decision based on information presented to them.  
  • Once a decision is made the Determination of Applicability will be drafted, usually within one weeks of the hearing date.   The Commission office will call you when the permit is ready.  


Request for Determination (RDA) WPA Form 1 Filing Instructions

       Application Submittal

  • Completed WPA Form 1 
  • Provide enough information for the Commission to locate the site 
  • Provide sketch plans depicting the project, such as the location of any new decks, sheds or trees to be removed
  • Submit form and fee by application deadline for the meeting
  • Application fee, $105 payable to Town of Webster

Public Meeting Notice will be prepared and submitted by the clerk - notice to be advertised by the Town in the legal section at least 5 business days before the day of the Public Meeting Date.