Notice of Intent Process

Submit Application  Instructions

Site visit

  • You will be contacted by the Conservation office with the date and approximate time of your site visit. 
    • Corners of any proposed buildings should be staked
    • Wetland resource areas flagged
    • Trees to be removed should be flagged
  •  Visits are typically scheduled on the Saturday morning prior to the public hearing and are attended by members of the Commission.  It is difficult for Commission members to predict how long a site visit may take so they cannot always follow the scheduled times.  At the Chairman’s discretion some site visits are done by the Agent.   The Conservation Agent may also make a site visit to all sites if necessary during business hours, usually without prior notification.  

Public Hearing

  • At the hearing, the Conservation Commission will determine how the project will affect the resource area(s). They may ask questions about your project.   A hearing may be continued to another date if additional information is needed.        
  • Green cards (postal return receipt cards) or proof of abutter notification should be submitted.
  • The Commission will issue a decision based on information presented to them.  
  • Once a decision is made the Order of Conditions will be drafted, usually within two weeks of the hearing date.   The Commission office will call you when the Order is ready.  

After Approval Prior to Construction

  • The order can be picked up at the Conservation Office (preferred method) or you may arrange for the Order to be mailed to you via certified mail with return receipt.
  • You must have your Order of Conditions recorded at the Registry of Deeds in Worcester before you can start any work.
  • Before starting work contact the Conservation Commission office to set up a Pre-Construction Meeting between the applicant, contractor and CC agent

After Completion

  • Once the project is Complete submit a Request for Certificate of Compliance for final approval and if applicable, refund of the peer review deposit.
  • An Order of Conditions is valid for 3 years.  If the project will take longer than 3 years, you may file for an extension by submitting a letter requesting an extension and appropriate fee  before the permit expires.   The Commission may grant an Extension at it’s discretion.