Building Department - Permits / Inspections

VISITING TOWN HALL / staying safe

  • Please continue to call the office, use the Town Hall Drop Box (near the parkingCaution lot entrance), regular mail, and email to conduct as much business as possible.
  • No more than one person permitted at the service counter at a time.
  • Face masks and social distancing required.
  • You can reach the Building Commissioner at 774-696-2359.

Working without a Residential Building Permit on location will result in a $300 fine plus double the permit fee.

Working without a Commercial Building Permit on location will result in a $500 fine plus double the permit fee.

Building permits are not accepted by mail and will be returned to the sender.

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  1. Building
  2. Electrical
  3. Plumbing

Please fill out forms completely. If you have any questions please contact the Building Commissioners Office at 508-949-3800, ext. 4005.


Note: Permits cannot be mailed in. Signatures need to be obtained from other offices - please contact the building department to see what signatures are needed. All incomplete applications will be returned.

Building Permit Fees

  • Additions - Residential
  • Additions- Commercial
  • Fire Damage Repairs
    • Residential - $8 per thousand based on estimated cost
    • Commercial - $10 per thousand based on estimated cost
    • Occupancy Permit Included
  • New Construction - Commercial
  • New Construction - Residential
  • Garages

Minimum Flat Fees

Demolition - Residential
Demolition - Commercial
Liquor License Fees
Open Decks
Roofing/Siding and Window Replacement
$75 Each
Storage Sheds (120 Square Feet and Over)
Temporary Trailer
Wood Stoves

Additional Information

Note: Anyone starting without a building permit, fee is doubled. Storage building accessory to a single family residence or two family less than 120 square feet is exempt from a building permit. No permit is required; however, zoning requirements must be met.