Drug & Counter Crime Task Force

South Worcester County Drug & Counter Crime Task Force

The South Worcester Drug and Counter Crime Task Force is comprised of Officers from Charlton, Dudley, Oxford, Southbridge, and Webster. The mission of the Task Force is two-fold dealing with complaints of drug activity, as well complaints of criminal activity. The Task Force is funded by each individual department, in cooperation with available federal or state grants.

The South Worcester Drug and Counter Crime Task Force was created to pool resources in furtherance of fighting the war on drugs. It has since grown to encompass all types of investigations, primarily those that deal with crimes that are not confined to the border of one Town.


Officers assigned to the Task Force are cross trained in various types of tools and techniques often associated with the investigation of crimes. The Task Force was created in order to magnify our ability to more accurately and thoroughly investigate crimes. Task Force Officers have routinely been called upon to assist each other with investigations related to: drugs, breaking and entering cases, serious assaults, sexual assaults, bank robberies, etc.

Task Force Officers may be called upon to perform various assignments including but not limited to: surveillance work, crime scene processing, interview and interrogation, or a host of other duties. In its most basic sense, the purpose of the Task Force is to more adequately distribute commodities while effectively enlarging our investigative ability.