Compliments or Complaints

Compliments or Complaints

If you have a comment or complaint about the care that you received, please call 508-943-2218 and ask for the on-duty supervisor to notify us. We ask that complaints be filed as soon after the event as possible.


Webster EMS’ Professional Standards Division is responsible for investigating and responding to customer complaints. Professional Standards strives to complete all investigations in a timely manner and oversee the resolution process to the satisfaction of the customer, wherever possible.

Investigation Process

After you submit your concern, you will be contacted by a member of Professional Standards who will gather more information as necessary and explain the investigation process. The investigation may include a review of all applicable documentation, reports, and policies and procedures. The investigation may also include interviews with Webster EMS personnel and any witnesses to the alleged incident. Once all evidence has been gathered and evaluated, Professional Standards will take appropriate action.

The Professional Standards Division aims to complete investigations within 30 days; however, depending on the nature of the complaint the review process may take longer. Professional Standards will provide you with status updates should the review process exceed 30 days.

When the investigation is complete, you will be notified in writing.