Find Leaks

Every Drop Counts!

Leaky toilets, faucets, showers and pipes can account for 10% of your water bill. Save water and money by fixing household leaks.

Common Leaks


Toilets, the most common source of a leak! A leaky toilet tank can waste 60 gallons a day or 22,000 gallons a year.

How to check....You can pickup some tablets at the Water Department. Place them into your toilet tank if color appears in the bowl within an hour you probably have a leak. (You also can use food coloring if you do not have tablets.)

Faucets / Showerheads

A trickling faucet can waste 19 gallons a day or 7000 gallons of water a year. Whether as low drip or steady trickle you're wasting a lot of water. (A new washer may stop these leaks and will only take a few minutes to install)

Water Pipes

Check for wet areas around your water pipes in your basement, underneath sinks and behind your washing machine. Joints are especially susceptible to leaks.

A Simple Test for Leaks

Read your meter then be sure no body uses any water. In 30 minutes check your meter again. If the meter reading has changes there is probably a leak.