Webster Lake Ice

Webster Lake Ice Not Safe

The Webster Fire Department reminds you that the ice on Webster Lake is not safe and advises against venturing onto the ice.

As Webster Lake is a spring fed lake, significant variation in ice thickness can potentially occur with little or no warning. As such, The Webster Fire Department will never advise that the ice on Webster Lake is safe for any activities. Additionally, snow covered ice can make it impossible to notice changes in ice appearance that could indicate thickness changes.

In the event you should witness an ice related emergency such as a person or animal falling through the ice, contact the South Worcester County Communications Center immediately via 911.

Do not under any circumstances attempt to reach and rescue the person or animal as there is strong likelihood the surrounding ice has been compromised and you could also become a victim. Seconds count with near freezing water temperatures, so please request emergency assistance immediately.

The Webster Police and Fire Departments advise anyone who does venture out onto the ice on Webster Lake that they are doing so at their own risk and to exercise extreme caution and common sense. The operation of or parking of any motor vehicle on the ice on Webster Lake is also prohibited by law.