Zoning Board of Appeals: Applications Under Review

Stock photo of gavel.Listed below are links to folders with project information which reflects the material submitted by the applicant and all other material, such a public comments, received during the course of the Zoning Board of Appeals public hearing phase. These links will be moved to the Completed category below once a Board decision has been filed and the appeal period is over.

Comments? Questions? Please fill out a Public Hearing Comment Form if you'd like to submit comments to the Zoning Board of Appeals. These comments will be entered into the record and project file. If you have any general questions, please contact the Planning & Economic Development office. 


Type Location Applicant Status
Variance 276 Killdeer Road Thomas Casaubon Denied - 10/9/18
Special Permit 7 Beacon Road Robert Cummings Approved - 10/9/18
Special Permit 18 Bates Point Road Joseph Kijowski Approved - 10/9/18
Variance 122 Point Breeze Road Craig Prouty Approved - 6/5/18
Special Permit 47 & 51 Thompson Road Mohegan Bowl, Inc.; Webster Properties LLC Approved with Conditions - 5/1/18
Variance 30 South Point Road Gerald Evans Approved - 4/3/18
Special Permit 18 Poland Street Luis Concepcion Denied - 4/3/18
Special Permit 37 Sutton Road Great Bay LLC Approved - 4/3/18
Variance 4 Clark Street Camarqui Franco Denied - 4/3/18
Appeal 16 Robinson Street Michael Cronan, 18 Robinson Street Decision filed with the Town Clerk on 3/12/18
Variance 16 Robinson Street Richard Vinton Denied - 8/10/18