Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting Materials - April 3, 2018

File Folders Stock ImagePLEASE NOTE: This webpage is intended to show agenda items as they develop prior to the meeting and may change until the final agenda is set. Meeting materials will be uploaded as they become available. The official agenda with the Town Clerk dated stamp will be uploaded no later than 48 hours in advance of the meeting date. Please contact the office if you have any questions.

Comments? Questions?

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1. Call to Order

2. Public Hearings – 6:00 p.m.

A. Variance - 4 Clark Street – Petitioner is seeking a variance for required lot area for the purposes of adding a third living unit in the existing structure. Camarqui Franco (Owner), Rosaura Hernandez (Applicant), Assessor's ID 14-G-2-0.

B. Variance - 30 South Point Road - Petitioner is seeking a variance for side yard setback for the second floor of a new house to be constructed in same location as existing house which is to be demolished. Gerald Evans (Applicant / Owner), Assessor's ID 46-A-25-O.

C. Special Permit - 37 Sutton Road - Petitioner is seeking a Special Permit to allow indoor fitness / recreation uses such as cheerleading training, yoga, dance or other similar uses in a currently vacant portion of an existing building. Great Bay, LLC (Applicant / Owner), Assessor's ID M/B/L 86-D-1.

D. Special Permit - 18 Poland Street - Petitioner is seeking a Special Permit to operate an automobile sales business on the property. Luis Concepcion (Applicant), Carmen Concepcion (Owner), Assessor Parcel ID 13-H-16-0.

3. Action Items - Approval of Minutes

4. Staff Report

5. Any items which may lawfully come before the Board

6. Next Meeting Date

7. Adjournment