Residential Water Filtration Program

Many residents in the Town of Webster are frustrated by the ongoing issue of discolored water. There are multiple reasons the Town is experiencing this problem. We are happy to report that we have broken ground on a new Memorial Beach Water Filtration Plant which, along with re-lining and replacing aging pipes, we anticipate will alleviate this troublesome issue.

To help address this problem for residents in an immediate fashion, the Town has initiated a “Residential Water Filtration Program”. Under this new Program, homeowners are able to apply and, if eligible, install a whole house water filtration system in their home which the Town will loan up to $500 toward the cost of (at an interest rate of 0%). The Town will pay the Vendor directly for this service. In order for the homeowner to reimburse the Town, the $500 borrowed (or less if your bill is less than $500) will be divided by 6 and evenly distributed on your next six water & sewer bills. This will increase your next 6 bills by approximately $83.

Whole house filters can be purchased at most retail home improvement stores.  Examples of a standard whole house filter are shown on this page.  Our preliminary research indicates that the cost of the filter and its installation by a licensed plumber typically costs about $500.Residents can purchase any filter they choose from any vendor. However, please remember that the Town will only loan homeowners a maximum of $500 and it must be a whole house filtration system (see photos below). The Residential Water Filtration Program is capped at $10,000. It will be distributed on a first come, first served basis.

Here are the steps to apply to participate in the Residential Water Filtration Program:

  • The homeowner completes an application requesting participation in the Residential Water Filtration Program.
  • The Town confirms that the applicant owes no outstanding taxes, water or sewer bills, or other fees or fines to the Town.
  • The homeowner will receive an e-mail from the Town informing them that they are eligible to participate in the Program.
  • The homeowner selects a Vendor and filter to install in their home, keeping in mind the Town’s $500 cap. The homeowner makes arrangements for the installation and informs the Vendor of the payment process.
  • The homeowner brings the invoice from the Vendor to the Town Administrator’s Office at the Webster Town Hall, 1st Floor, 350 Main Street. The invoice must be an original: copies will not be accepted.
  • Within 30 days, the Town will pay the Vendor directly for an amount up to $500, or the cost to install the filter, whichever is less.
  • The Town will notify the Collector’s Office of the amount that has been loaned to the homeowner. The Collector will adjust the homeowner’s next 6 water & sewer bills so that the Town is reimbursed, at a 0% interest rate, for the amount that was borrowed.
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Residential Water Filtration Program Form