Myrtle Avenue Rehabilitation

Starting March 25th 2019, the Webster Water Department will be rehabilitating the water main under Myrtle Avenue between Park Street and George Street.  The rehabilitation project will require the water main to be taken off-line while the main is being mechanically cleaned and re-lined with a cured-in-place structural liner.  This structural liner will add approximately 60 years of life to the main, which was originally installed in 1908.  The Town's contractor, Onyx Construction of Acton, will be completing the excavations in preparation of Sanexen installing their Auqa Pipe® composite liner.  A video presentation of the rehabilitation process is shown below.

The project will require the installation of a temporary by-pass water system to those houses connected the section of main being rehabilitated.  The temporary water system will consist of water mains being placed on the edge of the road with temporary fire hydrants.  Water services will be extended between the temporary main and the houses via one-inch piping.  The temporary system will be pressure tested, disinfected and tested for water quality parameters prior to being placed in service.  The Water Department staff will be working with Onyx to make the temporary connection to the houses, either through an outside faucet or at the meter connection in the basement.  Department will contact residents beforehand to coordinate this switch over.  Once the new liner is installed, water services will be restored and the temporary water system dismantled.

It is anticipated that this project will take three months to complete and will include new gate valves and fire hydrants.  If you have any questions regarding the project, please call Superintendent Woods at 508-949-3861.

Update:  The insertion and curing of the structural liner began on May 16th. Below is the liner being pulled through the cleaned cast iron main and then expanded to shape with pressured water.

Myrtle relining2