Getting Help – Where to Go? What to Do?

There are lots of ways the Town can assist you in getting information, understanding the process and assisting you as needed:

General Inquiries / On Line Resources - Town of Webster Website / Mobile App

Each department has contact information as well as on line forms to submit general questions. Some boards, such as the Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals, have up to date meeting and project information posted to the website in “real time”. Download the App to your phone or other mobile device.

Pre-Application / Development Team Meetings

Bi-weekly meetings for people who want to discuss potential projects prior to filing applications. By appointment only. These are informal meetings with land use and public safety staff to provide feedback and help with understanding the next steps. More information and the ability to make an appointment and can be found on-line at the Pre-Application / Development Team webpage.

Contact Staff via Phone or Email

Each department has contact information on the Town’s website along with an on line “Email Us” form. Or you can call 508-949-3800 and listen to the voice prompts for the department you are looking for.

Visit in Person

Municipal offices are located in several buildings in Town and have various business hours. Please refer to Department Locations & Business Hours. Please note that some departments have only one staff person (such as the Planning Department and the Conservation Agent) which means they may not be available for “drop in” in the event of sickness, board meeting schedule, vacation / personal days or out of office business. It is always best to call / email ahead of time to make sure someone will be available. Otherwise, feel free to just stop by.

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1. Getting Help – Where to Go? What to Do?
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