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Police General Contact

  1. Mail Form Restrictions
    **This form should NOT be used at ANY time to report crimes or make other complaints that you wish a follow up on. All complaints, whether past or present should be made either via phone or in person at the Webster Police department with the exception of anonymous Crime Tips which can be submitted via the Detective Division page or emailing
  2. **This form is NOT for requesting records. All records request should be submitted to the Records Department via our electronic form, fax at 508-943-1247, or email at You may also fill out a request form in our lobby. 

  3. **This form is NOT for inquiring about the status of a firearms permit. All firearms permit inquiries must be made by contacting The Firearms Licensing Division by emailing If you do not have access to email, you can reach the division by phone by calling 508-943-1212 and selecting option 6

  4. **This form is NOT for contacting an officer. To contact an officer, please either call the police station at 508-943-1212 or visit our Personnel Page and click on the name of the officer you are trying to contact
  5. **All emails sent to this form go to the Webmaster, they are read in a timely manner however are not necessarily read at all hours of the day. Any time an urgent situation occurs, you should contact Webster Police by Phone, not by E-Mail
  6. **Please be sure to see our Frequently Asked Questions Page where many questions are already answered prior to submitting a question via this form.
  7. Please let us know if you are a member of another Police Department
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