Memorial Beach

We will not accepts bills over $50 at the Memorial Beach entrance.

Memorial Beach Rules & Covid-19 GUIDELINES

Beach is staffed 10 a.m-6 p.m M-F and 7 a.m to 8 p.m Saturday, Sunday and holidays Gate is locked at 8 p.m on weekends and holidays. Everyone at Memorial Beach Park, including boaters must vacate by then. 

Trash in/trash out system. You will be given a bag upon entry for your trash. Please take it with you when you leave. If you need extra bags please ask. There will be a dumpster in the parking lot for your convenience. 

Fishing is only allowed off the peninsula to the far right side of the beach.

 Alcohol is not permitted on the beach. Or on the water. 

Please remember there are others around you. Please avoid using vulgar language and keep music volume low.

No motorized vehicles allowed on the beach. This includes remote control vehicles.

rules for boaters

Please be considerate of other boaters and wait your turn. 

No power loading.

Gate is locked at 8 p.m on weekends and holidays. Please come back in time to be off beach property prior to that.

Non-resident jet ski launching is not allowed.

Please follow boating safety rules while on the water.

Covid-19 Guidelines 

(may be subject to change)

Please respect social distancing 

We encourage you to wear a mask if you feel you cannot social distance 

2021 Town of Webster Seasonal Fees Schedule

Beach Daily Rates

Walk in / BicycleBirth - 17 Free
18+ $2
Resident Motor Vehicle $5 Weekdays
$15 Weekends and Holidays
Resident Motor Vehicle With Watercraft$25
Resident with Rooftop boat$15
Non Resident Motor Vehicle$10 Weekdays
$30 Weekends and Holidays
Non Resident Motor Vehicle With Watercraft$40 Weekdays
$50 Weekends and Holidays
Non Resident Rooftop boat$20 Weekdays
$30 Weekends and Holidays
Coach Buses$120
School Buses$90
Handicap License Plate/Placard or Disabled Veteran License Plate Required
Active Duty MilitaryFree
Active Duty Military ID Required

Beach Sticker Rates

Resident Motor Vehicle$25
Resident Senior (60-64)$20
Resident Senior (65+)Free
Resident Motor Vehicle With Watercraft
Resident Motor Vehicle with rooftop watercraft (no motor)
Non Resident Motor Vehicle
Non Resident Motor Vehicle with Boat (no Jet ski)
Non Resident Motor Vehicle with rooftop watercraft (no motor)

Veteran (Webster and Dudley)Free
Additional Household Sticker (Limit 1, Webster residents only )$10