Memorial Beach

Welcome to Memorial Beach - Rules, Regulations, and Fees

We will not accepts bills over $50 at the Memorial Beach entrance.

Memorial Beach Rules & Regulations

Staffed Monday-Friday 9am-6pm Saturday & Sunday 7am-7pm until the end of August:  On Saturday and Sunday all boats must be gone and beach cleared for main gate closure at 8PM

  1. No Alcoholic Beverages
  2. No Glass Containers of Any Type
  3. Effective 2022 season. NO GRILLING OF ANY KIND
  4. Only Coast Guard Approved Life Jackets Are Allowed
  5. No Motor Vehicles or Motorcycles Allowed in the Beach Area
  6. No Ground Fires
  7. No Loitering or Disorderly Conduct
  8. No Washing, Changing Oil, or Cleaning Motor Vehicles Within Parking Lot Area
  9. No Animals of Any Kind
  10. No Flotation Devices or Ball Playing in Water or Within 50 Feet of Water Edge
  11. Swimming is Confined to the Designated Areas Under Supervision of Life Guard
  12. No Boats Allowed Within Buoys
  13. No Boating Allowed Within 50 Feet of Buoys
  14. No Soaping or Washing Any Type Allowed Within Memorial Beach Property
  15. No Profane or Indecent Language Allowed at Any Time
  16. No Refunds
  17. Fishing Allowed in Designated Areas Only
  18. No Swimming in Boat Launch Area
  19. No Jumping Off Boat Dock
  20. No non resident jet skis allowed

2022 Town of Webster Seasonal Fees Schedule

Beach Daily Rates

Walk in / Bicycle
Birth - 17 Free
18+ $2
Resident Motor Vehicle
$5 weekdays
$15 Weekends and Holidays
Resident Motor Vehicle With Watercraft
Non Resident Motor Vehicle
$10 Weekdays
$30 Weekends and Holidays
Non Resident Motor Vehicle With Watercraft
(boats only.  No Jet skis)
$40 Weekdays
$50 Weekends and Holidays
Coach Buses
School Buses
Handicap License Plate/Placard or Disabled Veteran License Plate Required
Active Duty Military
Active Duty Military ID Required

Beach Sticker Rates

Resident Motor Vehicle
Resident Senior (60-64)
Resident Senior (65+)
Resident Motor Vehicle With Watercraft
Resident Motor Vehicle with rooftop watercraft (no motor)
Non Resident Motor Vehicle
Non Resident Motor Vehicle with Boat (no Jet ski)
Non Resident Motor Vehicle with rooftop watercraft (no motor)

Veteran (Webster and Dudley)
Additional Household Sticker (Limit 1 residents only)