Town Meeting

We the PeopleArticle 2, Section 2-1 of the Webster Town Charter states:

"The legislative branch shall consist of a form of open town meeting, open to inhabitants of Webster registered to vote who may act and vote in exercise of the corporate powers of the Town."

The legislative practice of open town meeting is one of the purest forms of democratic governance. In use for over 300 years, open town meeting gives Massachusetts taxpayers achance to voice their opinions and directly effect change in their community.

Town Meetings (also known as Annual Town Meeting or Special Town Meeting) are held, on average, two times a year. Items to be voted are submitted to the Board of Selectmen for inclusion on the warrant. Town Meeting is presided over by the Town Moderator. The Finance Committee completes a full warrant review and provides recommendations. Public hearings and meetings are held by several boards and committees to provide the voters with information and recommendations for their consideration prior to voting on each matter.