Prevent Motorcycle Theft

Prevent the Theft of Motorcycles

  • When at home park and lock your bike in the garage, preferably behind a car. And make sure the garage is secure
  • When out, park in a well-lighted area in full view of people in the area and within the coverage of a security camer
  • Try to avoid parking between larger vehicles as they provide cover for thieves
  • Do not leave your helmet or riding gear with your bike
  • Lock your ignition and remove the key. Also lock your bike’s forks or disc brakes with a large external lock.
  • Cover your bike when you leave it unattended. Use a cover with grommets so the cover can be locked in place. And set the alarm to activate when the cover is removed. Few thieves will risk a blind theft. They usually look for certain models.
  • Chain and lock your bike to a secure, immovable object when it’s unattended. Use a high tensile-strength chain and a matching security lock. Loop the chain through the rear wheel or frame and make sure it is tight around your bike. Do not let it rest on the ground. And use multiple locks. A thief might be prepared for one but not the other.
  • Lock bikes together when riding with others

Alarm Disclaimer

Although an alarm is a very good deterrent to a thief, it is not guaranteed protection. It is important that the above suggestions are followed even if you have a security alarm. Always be sure to arm your alarm no matter how long or how short of an amount of time you will be gone.

Theft In Process

Never attempt to stop a thief. If you witness what you believe to be a breaking and entering in process into a house or a vehicle, never confront the person or attempt to stop them. Chances are if they are willing to burglarize a home or vehicle, there is a good chance they are willing to cause bodily harm to you. Call 911 immediately to report any suspicious activity.


Information compiled from the suggestions of this department, Olympia, Washington Police Department, Fort Worth, Texas Police Department, and San Diego, California Police Department.