Commission Vacancies

Full member - one (1) vacancy

Alternate Members – TWO (2) VacancIES

Volunteer - Hands UpThe Town of Webster is seeking one (1) Full Member and two (2) Alternate Members to serve on the Conservation Commission.  Full Members participate in and vote on all matters before the Commission. Alternate Members participate in all matters before the Commission in a non-voting capacity. Full and Alternate Members are appointed to serve a three-year term and are required to adhere to Town and State requirements regarding the Open Meeting Law, Conflict of Interest training and the Town of Webster policies as outlined the Town of Webster Committee Handbook. The Commission meets typically twice a month at 5:30 p.m.

The general purpose of the Conservation Commission is to help administer the Wetlands Protection Act in the Town of Webster.   The Conservation Commission reviews new construction and other development within 100 feet of wetland areas to ensure that wetland areas are not damaged.  The Conservation Commission also educates the public about environmental issues and seeks to preserve Open Space in Webster. Residents who have an interest in environmental issues, natural resources, conservation, and preservation are encouraged to apply. Experience in engineering and / or construction is helpful but not required.

 Individuals must be residents of the Town of Webster and possess a basic understanding or knowledge of the duties and responsibilities of the subject multiple member body.

 If you are interested in serving on the Commission you can apply in two ways:

 If you are interested in learning more about the appointment process, please contact of the Office of the Board of Selectmen at (508) 949-3800 x1000,

 For more information about the roles and responsibilities of serving on the Commission, please contact the Conservation Agent at (508) 949-3800 x4008,