Zoning Board of Appeals - Application Forms & Fees

Application graphicBelow are the packets for various types of applications that require Zoning Board of Appeals review per the Town of Webster Zoning By-Law and Massachusetts General Law. Each application has a specified time line and submission requirements that both the Town and the Applicant must follow. Each packet contains the application, fee schedule and submission requirements.

Below the application packets you will find a list of Helpful Tools which includes links to documents, maps, and property data that will help you fill out your application.

Questions and Answers graphicDon't know what type of permit you need? Wondering what to expect after you file an application? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section to the right. 

You can Make an Appointment with staff if you need assistance or have questions about the application process. If you would like to discuss a potential project with Town staff and you're not ready to submit an application, please make and appointment with the Pre-Application / Development Team

Please contact the the office of Planning & Economic Development if you have any questions.

2023 Meeting Schedule and Submission Deadlines

Permit Variance Appeal
Board Role To hear and decide on applications for relief from the dimensional requirements of the Webster Zoning By-law such as setbacks, minimum lot size, height of structure and lot frontage. To hear and decide on applications for special permits as provided by various Sections of the Webster Zoning By-Law. A concurrent Site Plan Application to the Planning Board may be required (see Section 650, Article VII - Site Plan Review. To hear and decide an appeal taken by any person aggrieved by reason of their inability to obtain a permit from any administrative official under the provisions of MGL c. 40A.